Our Pupil Voice is LOUD!!

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Here at Clermiston, every child from P1-7 is part of a Pupil Voice group of their choice.  We want our children to understand their role within the school community and how they can use their skills and ideas to feed positively into the wider community. From the green-fingered to the tech-heads, there is always somewhere for our pupils to shine. 

In collaboration with Pupil Voice Groups, we develop, discuss and implement their ideas to help make our school the best school it can be. Meetings are also a great place for new friendships to be made. Each Pupil group has a different focus, however our whole school focus of ensuring our aims and values are clear means that often groups work together for an even stronger voice.  

We go on trips together, work on events such as Anti-Bullying week and Safer Internet Day as well as raise money and awareness for charities that share our values.

In 2019, we achieved the Silver Rights Aware Award to recognise all of our hard work!


We are a Rights Respecting School!
Article 15: Every child has the right to meet with other children and join groups and organisations as long as this does not stop other people enjoying their rights.


Our groups meet once a month (or more if they have a special event to prepare for!) and have aims that show how much we care for our community and the world around us. Children sign up at the beginning of the session meaning they end up working with lots of different children that they may not otherwise meet. Bonds are formed, friendships made and most importantly, they make real changes! For example, our FoodBank Force lead a very successful collection before Christmas, filling 24 boxes to donate to our local Foodbank. And our Bookworms have made a real impact on our library refurbishment!

We even invite special guests to our meetings. For example, our Junior Road Safety Officers regularly meet with our local Police Officer, PC Karen McKenzie and our Digital Leaders invited in Dave Howard from the BBC to talk about staying Happy and Healthy online! 

We took some feedback from our Pupil Voice groups to find out what our children want to achieve, how they did it and what difference it made!