Equality and Equity Pupil Group

The Equality and Equity Pupil Group meet up each fortnight and have worked incredibly hard so far. The following is an extract from a letter sent to our Parent Council (written by one of our P6 members) and explains everything beautifully:

"We are the Equality and Equity Pupil Group.  In our group we look at how the school might change and what sort of school we think we should have.  We want a school where everyone feels welcome and feels like they fit in.  Everyone should have room to be themselves and be accepted for who they are. 

There is one teacher in our group and a number of pupils.  We want the opinions of the whole school community, so we want parents to be involved as well because your child is here too. We think that because we are the equality and equity group to promote equality we should have as many different voices as possible that includes the parents as well. "

We have presented our work to hundreds of pupils and staff at a Young Peoples Equality Event this year, as well as designed and delivered assemblies to the whole school and made sure our entire school and their grown-ups know all about Anti-Bullying Week. 

And we've only just begun! Watch this space :)