Clermiston Parent Council

Every school in Scotland, primary and secondary, should now have a Parent Council, carrying out some of the work which a School Board used to do, and other jobs too.  At Clermiston, parents decided to merge the former PSA with our Parent Council, so here, our Council looks after both the official parental liaison with the school and the fundraising and event activities.

We were one of the first two schools in Edinburgh to have our Parent Council up and running.  Recently, we have campaigned on a number of issues, such as city-wide school budget proposals, local road safety issues, dog fouling near the school, and also Scotland-wide policy areas.  We are currently in dialogue with the Council about the school's available classroom accommodation, given our growing school population.  We work to make sure parents have a say in the appointment of senior staff at the school, including the appointment of our Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher, and we represent the views of parents to the school on school policy matters which affect us all. 

It’s not all about campaigning though!  We’ve worked with the school on a number of funding projects, such as the hall floor, hall audio-visual system, playground equipment funding, funding for i-pads and sports kit for various teams.  Meanwhile, we’ve forged links with the other four Parent Councils in our cluster (Blackhall, Cramond, Davidson’s Mains and the Royal High School) and keep in regular contact with our three local councillors and with our MP and MSPs. 

We have a dedicated team of fundraising and events volunteers, a campaign-based research group, and a Wildlife Garden Group, and we’re always happy for more parents and carers to become involved.  Details of some recent and forthcoming events are available on the school website.

CONTACT US - Any queries about the Parent Council can be raised via the comment box which is located in the corridor near the school office, or directly with Council members.  Alternatively, please use our e-mail address which is

Currently the Council consists of various parents and carers and it’s not too late to join.  We would be very happy to hear from any parents new to the school.  The following parents have volunteered to undertake specific roles on the Council:

Dawn Thomson – Chair

Andrew Ho – Treasurer

Melanie Ruxton – School Uniform Representative

Jen Foley - Secretary

File icon: pdf The Pupil Council Constitution [pdf 137KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf HT report Jan 2017 [pdf 157KB] Click to download

Parent Council Minutes 2018-19

Please see below for this sessions Parent Council meeting minutes.

File icon: pdf 27 May 2019 [pdf 157KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf 25 March 2019 [pdf 166KB] Click to download
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File icon: pdf 10 December 2018 [pdf 411KB] Click to download
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Easy Fundraising

Please help to support Clermiston Primary! Shop online and raise money for Clermiston Primary Parent Council.  Visit the link below to sign up for free.