Clermiston Primary Staff Team

Teachers and Early Years Practitioners 2022-23

Early Years Officer Miss L Grieve
Early Years Practitioners
Miss Chave
Mrs Allen
Miss Garcia
Mrs Jeffrey
Mrs Ho
Miss Vasileva

Early Years Assistant

Ms Donaghue
Domestic Support Mrs MacCorquodale
P1a Mrs Templeton and Mrs Mackie
P1b Miss Adkin
P1c Mrs McElhinney and Mrs Anderson
P2a Miss Passaretti
P2b Mrs Heffill (Mon/Tues) and Mrs Paloni (Wed-Fri)
P3a Mrs Dyer (Mon/Tues/Alt. Fri) and Mrs Hamilton-Irvine (Wed/Thurs/Alt. Fri)
P3b Ms White
P4a  Mr Williamson and Mrs Templeton
P4b Mrs Campbell
P5a Mrs Dougan
P5b Mr Lithgow
P5c Mrs Harvey
P6a Mrs Morris and Mrs Porteous
P6b Miss Donnelly and Mrs Porteous
P7a Mrs Haxton (Mon-Wed) and Mrs Henderson (Thurs/Fri)
P7b Miss McMillan
P7c Mrs Godsmark
Support for Learning Teacher Mrs Grieve
CRT Teacher Miss Cree
PE Mrs Griffin

Senior Management Team

Head Teachers Mr Gordon McIntyre 
Depute Head Teachers Mrs Geraldine Forsyth (Wed/Thurs/Alt Fri) and Mrs Suzanne Gilhooley (Mon/Tues/Alt Fri)
Principal Teachers

Mrs Suzanne Gilhooley (Wed)
Mrs Rachael Heffill (Thurs/Fri)

Mrs Dana Henderson

Business Manager Mrs Elaine O'Donnell

Office Staff

School Administrator Mrs Patterson
School Support Assistant Mrs Labate

Pupil Support and School Support Staff

Pupil Support Assistants Mrs Amzal
Mrs Akhter
Ms Boccato
Miss Chrystie
Mrs Lytle
Miss McKinney
Mrs McKenzie
Mrs Neillands
Mrs Rylance
Miss Stewart
Miss Smith
Mrs Velzean
Mrs Yeats