Day 1

Day 1 - the cleanest we will be all week!

We had a pretty smooth journey up to Lagganlia today. We stopped off in Pitlochry for a wee snack and a leg stretch but most importantly...our dorm rooms and activity groups were announced!

Once we arrived and ate our lunch, Nick and the rest of the Lagganlia team welcomed us, gave us our bed sheets told us we had to make our own beds!! It was so complicated and most of us got in a right tangle, as you can see from the photos! 


Day 2

Today was the day we officially started our activities and got stuck into life at Lagganlia. There are six groups altogether each with the same instructor all week, so we will get to know each other really well. We saw loads of successes today, and our resilience has really impressed the staff here. We are absolutely exhausted and fairly midgey bitten, but we're all happy!

The day finished with the infamous night line. We had to rely on communicating with our team to be able to get around the course and it was tricky but we did it!

Have a look at the slideshow to see to see what we got up to.

Day 3

We looked out of our windows this morning to see a LOT of rain...but it didn't stop us! We were cycling, gorge-walking, abseiling and even skiing. The midgies were definitely biting today and many of us discovered the wonders of a midgey net - there is no glamour at Lagganlia! 

Our day ended on the kind of high that only Steve the Drummer can deliver! We had so much fun that we forgot about all of our aches and pains.We were celebrating three birthdays today (well technically one is tomorrow!) so the amazing kitchen staff made us a birthday cake for our supper. 

Isla gets a special mention for finding the earring that Mrs Henderson lost on Day was under a pine cone in the forest! 

Day 4

Day 4 has brought some sunshine, hooray! We cannot believe it is the last day of activities, time has flown by! Group 6 were walking up Creag Leathen which had a challenging start. The heather was thick and up to our waists. Many of us had to dig deep to make it to the top but when we did...woaaaah, what a view! We will keep adding photos so that you can see what all the groups have been up to today.