It’s the trip all Clermiston pupils wait their whole school lives for...LAGGANLIA! We’ll do our absolute best to update this page daily but please be kind, as WiFi is not always our friend up in the hills! You can also follow us on Twitter @clermistonPS 

In the meantime, enjoy your quieter homes and not having to share the tv remote!


Day 1

Day one at Lagganlia, done! The P7 troops have had a day full of travelling, exploring, laughing and of course...bed making!

Our journey up the road was good fun, we even stopped at Pitlochry Festival Theatre car park to stretch our legs and eat our snacks but to be honest, we were all keen to get back on the bus to complete the journey!

When we arrived, once we had devoured our lunches, Nick gave us a big chat about what to expect and a bit about the centre. Then we we were given the grand tour in our activity groups. All of a sudden it was dinner time which was tasty! Loads of us said we didn’t like baked potatoes but ended up munching them happily! 

We had one night activity which was a scavenger hunt, so we all got to explore the land around Lagganlia.

Anyway, we’re off to bed because quite frankly, we’re exhausted!

Day 2

Day 2 at Lagganlia is complete! Well, nearly... we’re finishing off the day with chapter 13 of Holes while we sit in our jammies and slippers.

Today’s blog is coming from Sienna in group 10. We went gorge walking it was really fun and I’ve never done anything like that before! It was REALLY cold as well! We had to wear a teddy bear suit - trousers and jumper all in one. We had to wear waterproofs over that so we all looked huge! At the end it was really fun when we had to jump in. 

We did a problem-solving activity in the morning with low ropes as a team. It was really hard and I didn’t realise we had to work together as much. We did this thing with block of wood and all our equipment but the block of wood wasn’t allowed to touch the floor. At the end, we made our own rules! 

My friends did lots of different activities today; skiing, rock climbing, archery, abseiling and mountain-biking. 

We are soooo tired but we’re ready for another day tomorrow!


Day 3

The weather was really good to us on day 3 of Lagganlia. Our 6 activity groups headed out of the main base and up into the hills around us. It was a tough day and we had to dig really deep to push past our achy muscles and tired bodies. We absolutely demonstrated the Clermiston resilience though, not giving up and cheering each other on. Even the grown-ups had to support one another when they kept falling down the holes between the rocks on the side of the hill!

Other groups had a wetter day in the canoes on Loch Insh and got to see ospreys flying above us. One of our boys even brought his own binoculars so got a really good view of the beautiful birds!

The gorge walkers were in the Achlean gorge and had to just go for it, some were a little nervous to begin with but every single person, even the teachers, got stuck right in!

We finished the day with the wonderful (and rather noisy!) Steve the Drummer! As usual, he had the kids banging along to the beat of their own drum.

We can’t believe it’s Wednesday night already! Time flies...

Day 4

It’s our last full day of activities at Lagganlia, and boy have we packed in a lot! We have been canoeing, kayaking, skiing, abseiling, bouldering, archery-ing (that’s a word now) and jumping in the water! 

It turns out that we have an expert archer in our midst... Miss Passaretti! Her cheers could be heard from miles around when she hit the board exactly on the target! 

We are a sleepy bunch today but we’re having such a brilliant time. As teachers, we’ve been so proud of the way the Clerry children have handled themselves, supported each other and bonded as a group. We will head home tomorrow full of memories, stories and new friend or two. 

Tonight we are finishing off our experience with a wee fire in the woods!


Day 5

Last day! We spend the morning leaving the centre as we found it (with a few more soggy socks than it had before...) and having one last meeting with Nick. The children and staff blethered for the whole journey home with only a few sleepers. Everyone couldn’t wait to get back and give their loved ones a hug and tell them all their stories.

There’s not much more to say now other than it really has been a brilliant week. We love taking the Clermiston children to Lagganlia for so many reasons and we hope these updates have helped you to feel a part of it. 

Lagganlia 2018. Done.