Core Maths and Numeracy



SEAL stands for Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning. We use the SEAL approach to teach numeracy in P1 and 2. We teach this in small focused groups where we talk about strategies and share with other pupils. The majority of SEAL learning is oral with some written activities to support what the pupils have been learning. From P3 onwards it is used to target pupils who need extra support with numeracy.

Big Maths


We have been using Big Maths at Clermiston Primary for a few years now and our pupils are becoming very familiar with characters such as Mully, Pim and Count Fourways! Each week, pupils will do a CLIC and Learn It assessment as well as focused whole class and group teaching. CLIC stands for Counting, Learn Its, It’s Nothing New and Calculations. Learn Its are what we call fact families and times tables that children aim to learn off by heart. The results of these assessments feed into the class teacher’s planning to improve fluency and accuracy in your child’s numeracy skills.



P4-7 parents and carers will have no doubt heard about this popular online/app based game already. It is so much more than a game though! Pupils start with a maths assessment, which then tailors the games specifically to the needs of your child. Pupils are motivated by earning coins and competing against each other and other schools! We encourage pupils to play this at home as well as during school time.